How Does It All Work?

We get valuable prize packs for you. Your prize closet is always full of great giveaways that are fun and easy to talk about on the air.

Once you join, we’ll send you a box of prizes each week. Each prize has a value of at least $25. Also with the prize is a short liner card that contains the key message. You make it your own, ad-libbing and catering the giveaway to your unique audience. We encourage you to do your thing!

In exchange for receiving prizes, all you need to do is send us airchecks of the key messages being talked about on-air.

Promote Nationally Recognized Clients and Brands

By promoting the prizes on your station, brands get the exposure they need while you receive a constant flow of giveaways to keep your listeners tuning in. You win. The brands win. Listeners win. That’s Win/Win Radio.

We get your prize packs from a wide variety of major corporate brands, like: Coca-Cola, Energizer, Crest, Shell, KC Masterpiece, New Line Cinema, Lunchables, Suave, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Best Buy, Cheerios, Mattel, STP, Iams, Clorox, Pillsbury, H&R Block, Swiss Miss, GE and Breyer’s!

Stations just like yours have enjoyed our service for more than five years. We make over 500 radio stations happy every week, in a wide spectrum of formats: Country, Adult Contemporary, Oldies, Spanish, Urban and more.

We work with independently owned radio stations as well as stations owned by Clear Channel, Cumulus and Citadel. However, we’re not directly affiliated with or owned by any broadcasting group. This way, we can work with everyone!

Yes, it’s that easy.

Read the card. Give out the prizes. Send us the aircheck. NO affidavits! NO barter spots! It’s free, easy and makes you look good.